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How do I foster my team and organization’s growth and development?

You want to maximize the talents that are present in your team or organization.

You’re seeking new colleagues or managers who are a perfect fit for your organization.

FLY is a reliable partner with extensive expertise in finding and attracting skilled individuals and in letting them grow. We also enable internal top talents to fully blossom.

Fit to Fly® is a unique and successful approach that we have developed for you so that you can select the right candidates. Our Fit to Fly® Assessment Center, which we offer both in-person and online, provides you with a clear picture of the suitability and potential of your candidates. Our senior consultants are experienced interlocutors for candidates as well as clients. They have built up their extensive management experience from having worked in different types of companies and sectors.

Fit to Fly®-assessment center

Our experienced senior consultants take on recruitment and selection in a unique and efficient way. Your request and requirements are our starting points. We learn about these first. And sometimes we conclude with you that you might actually need a different profile than what you first had in mind. This is how your recruitment policy becomes even more efficient.

Afterwards, we set out to find talent. For this, we use the most appropriate tools and instruments because we want to assess every candidate in the most objective way possible. After our assessment, we explain to you about the potential we see in the candidates and about the areas in which growth is desired. All this will enable you to make a properly justified and well-informed decision on whom you would choose as your candidate.

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