FLY was founded by Leon Vliegen in 2012. It has now developed into a team of around twelve senior consultants and coaches who are active world-wide.

today, fly is led by:

Leon Vliegen (read more)

Frank Philippaerts (read more)

together with 2 associate partners 

Sonja Reckers (read more)

Jo Frantzen (read more)

& 1 Office manager

Els Borgions

what our customers say about us

JAN VAN MIERLO, HR director,

Leon and Frank gave a fascinating leadership training to the management team at Sint-Trudo Hospital. With their professional and theoretical perspectives, combined with their longstanding practical experience, they managed in a few days to not only raise our managers’ skillset to a higher level but also turned this group into a much stronger team. The interaction, the excellent way of alternating between using evidence-based models, conducting exercise sessions, giving homework, and peer-to-peer coaching have caused the entire group to learn a great deal in an engaging way. I highly recommended this if you want your senior management trained to reach a higher level and if you want to let them grow! Moreover, at the end of each training day, the instructors give constructive feedback.
In short: this is group coaching at a high level!


Fly Consult, to us, is a trusted partner who guides our colleagues in a sustainable way and trains and coaches them in the development of their (own) leadership. Frank and Leon don’t use a ready-made approach—they do quite the opposite. They develop each program together us. Because of their years of experience, expertise, and personal approach, they succeed in reaching out to our colleagues and in getting them moving.


Fly Consult, to Fluvius, is a partner who has guided and coached our management team for some time in developing our leadership and who supports us when it comes to teambuilding. This is part of our evolution towards creating a Fluvius culture that is based on shared leadership. They do this in a way that we appreciate greatly, which is based on trust and a customized, personal approach. Dialogue with the team and with each individual is the central theme that runs through everything, and this enables us to take major steps towards our evolution. Every member of our management team trusts them completely.
They coach our team in a nearly “invisible” way, yet they are strongly present at the same time and particularly effective.
A truly enjoyable experience.

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