Experts in leadership and leadership development


As a leader, how do I make conscious, informed, and profound choices?
How do I develop an agile and resilient leadership?
Dare to make the right decisions as a leader and team.


As an organization, how do I attract the right talent?
How do I foster my team’s growth and development?
Let your colleagues discover

their potential.


How do make the right decisions in a justified way?
How do I bring different opinions together to form a common vision?
Develop decisive plans and an effective strategy.


As an organization, how do I strengthen the resilience of my human capital?
As a manager, how do I create the right conditions for this?
Resilience, the lever for agile, workable work.

Our mission

We guide and coach leaders and teams that want to grow. We support them by strengthening their agility and resilience. In this way, they can make bold, appropriate, and justified decisions together and implement them successfully. How do we do this? By engaging with them in deep conversations. And from the dialogue, we develop an approach, and we formulate solutions that challenge and support leaders and teams. Our approach and solutions are devised and tailored based on the needs of our clients, and they are adapted according to the environment in which they work.


about our unique approach

These values drive us in everything we do.
They assure you of pragmatic and flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

we're here for you on a long term

We invest wholeheartedly in a lasting relationship with you. We believe that a

long-term and tight partnership deepens trust, which in turn produces

solid results.

a generous approach

Your success is paramount to us. We will exploit every opportunity to elevate it. Expect a generous

approach from us because we like giving you more

than what we promised you.

customized and pragmatic

We don’t believe in ready-made solutions or standard formulas. We pick up from right where you are, and we work towards your goal together with you. We steer you along the way depending on your needs, always accompanied by a pragmatic approach and based on years of experience in practice.

we ask instead of solve

We are listeners and your sounding board; we ask you questions that you answer by looking inwards at yourself. We love to engage you in dialogue. Because this is how you discover your own potential and how you find the best solutions.

backed by science, groundbreaking and innovative

We completely endorse the latest and most up-to-date developments in our field. The concepts and models that we use are always backed by science or are evidence-based. You can count on a well-founded approach.


We do what we say and say what we do. We adhere to our values and to the rules that we have agreed upon with each other. Expect from us an honest and reliable way of working. Our approach follows our promise.

for whom?

We are here for mid-level and senior-level leaders and executives of:

  • Start-ups and scale-ups
  • SME's and family businessess
  • Healthcare sector: Hospitals, Residential care centers (and their corporate groups)
  • Larger Belgian and international organizations from the private or public sector

What our customers say about us

elke sweldens, hr director,
van havermaet

Fly Consult, to us, is a trusted partner who guides our colleagues in a sustainable way and trains and coaches them in the development of their (own) leadership. Frank and Leon don’t use a ready-made approach—they do quite the opposite. They develop each program together us. Because of their years of experience, expertise, and personal approach, they succeed in reaching out to our colleagues and in getting them moving.

frank vanbrabant, ceo,

Fly Consult, to Fluvius, is a partner who has guided and coached our management team for some time in developing our leadership and who supports us when it comes to teambuilding. This is part of our evolution towards creating a Fluvius culture that is based on shared leadership. They do this in a way that we appreciate greatly, which is based on trust and a customized, personal approach. Dialogue with the team and with each individual is the central theme that runs through everything, and this enables us to take major steps towards our evolution. Every member of our management team trusts them completely.
They coach our team in a nearly “invisible” way, yet they are strongly present at the same time and particularly effective.
A truly enjoyable experience.

jan van mierlo, HR Director,
sint-trudo hospital

Leon and Frank gave a fascinating leadership training to the management team at Sint-Trudo Hospital. With their professional and theoretical perspectives, combined with their longstanding practical experience, they managed in a few days to not only raise our managers’ skillset to a higher level but also turned this group into a much stronger team. The interaction, the excellent way of alternating between using evidence-based models, conducting exercise sessions, giving homework, and peer-to-peer coaching have caused the entire group to learn a great deal in an engaging way. I highly recommended this if you want your senior management trained to reach a higher level and if you want to let them grow! Moreover, at the end of each training day, the instructors give constructive feedback.

In short: this is group coaching at a high level!

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