We have developed a strong sensitivity and strong approach for the demands and the needs of a person, a team, an organisation or a situation, at a certain point in time. We strongly fine tune our guidance and interventions to the need we sense.


We support and challenge people to expand the understanding and awareness they have of themselves, of others and of situations. This allows them to perceive more positive opportunities which they can use to apply their strengths and talents in order to achieve their professional and personal goals.


We apply our extensive and profound expertise to the different domains in which we are active. Our added value comes from the ability to integrate this expertise across different areas. This allows us to propose or implement the best fitting approach.


We offer training and experience tracks for the development of behaviour, competences, skills and knowledge, with people and organisations. In doing so we always strive to connect to the values, the identity and the mission in your professional and personal life, allowing for a truly positive and sustainable impact.

Our fields of expertise.

‘Your challenge, our products and services’

Leadership development

We support leaders and organisations in their development, personal growth and transformation on the way to improved authenticity, effectiveness and personal well being.

Leadership development programs:

  • Coaching for result
  • Leadership and meaning
  • Transformational leadership
  • Customized programs and learning experiences

Executive Coaching and team coaching

As certified coaches, we guide CEO’s, directors, managers and talents to a stronger awareness and understanding, allowing them to make better choices and decisions. We support them in their efforts to fully develop and apply their possibilities and potential, taking into account their professional and personal goals. We help them to discover and use their internal force and resources.

We counsel and coach management and other teams in the effective and efficient realisation of their common goals, and the further development of good and enjoyable working relations and decision processes, within the context of their real business goals and challenges.

Strategy and strategy implementation

We counsel your organisation and (management) teams in drawing up and clarifying their mission, vision, business and organisational strategy, their business model, and in determining the critical success factors.
Together with you, we take care of the actual implementation and execution.

Organisational development and change

We guide you

  • in translating your strategy and business model to a customized organisational design with corresponding roles, to support and enable the implementation
  • in change projects that reinforce and anchor the dynamism of continuous improvement and innovation

Talent Assessment and development

We guide your organisation, teams, leaders and talents in the choices they make and the development of their possibilities.

This includes the following services:

  • Assessment centers
    • for leaders, professionals and talents
    • for teams
  • Development and learning activities, coaching
    • development centers
    • in house, customized training programs

HR advice, projects and temporary assignments

  • We are the partner of choice to counsel your organisation, management team, HR director and HR team in translating your business or organisational strategy to HR strategy, policy, processes and organisation.
  • Based on an extensive and comprehensive international experience in this field, we can offer you or develop with you, strategic advice and pragmatic solutions for different HR processes.
  • We can support your organisation during temporary and project assignments.